What It Is

What it is
to be human
to be woman
to be fully alive
to be
cell, joint, tissue,
muscle, tendon, bile, bunyan,
fingernail, follicle, eyeball,
tongue, mouth, nostril,
lashes, lids, drums,
diaphram, lung, heart, skin -
stretch, beat, expel, contract,
suck, breathe, belch, flow -
live, feel
what it is
to be human
to be woman
endlessly leaking vessel, channel
trafficing menses, and
penises and fetuses and
secretions' slippery yes
and afterlove estuaries,
breaking waters, placentas -
vagina, vulva
place where children
no longer amphibian, breathe
and men return to spawn -
breasts, nipples, suction
white water milk
filling, draining, leaking -
nurture, pillow, arousal, aroused
open, arch, ease close -
virgin, vamp, mother
girl, woman, crone
to be human
to be woman
to be alive
and feminine