Ernest Goldsmith
Department 302
San Francisco Superior Court
400 McAllister Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Dear Judge Goldsmith,

I was extremely disappointed in your ruling on Martin versus Google, case 539972. The decision was made without reading most of the documents filed. They represented months of full-time work.

I am also extremely disappointed at the court filing system and the lack of any response to repeated calls to the court. I feared that just such a fiasco could occur, as only two of our seven filings were made viewable. All of Google's were immediately made viewable. That is hardly fair, is it?

Note: In desperation, I double-filed all documents, except for the complaint, on 12 November 2014, the day before the court meeting. None was made viewable!

Starting 29 October 2014 I made call after call to the court to find out why documents were not showing up. Not one person, including Regina Dennis, the court manager, called back. I called every day for over a week.

I am including here the documents that you did not view in making your decision. As I said, these represent months of hard work and research. They are not the type of boiler-plate, telephone-book-size case precedents filed by Google in similar cases.

All of my document have been viewable on the CoastNews website here for months:

Very solid evidence was available for this case, and more was on the way. You can view it online. I was in contact with industry experts and was in the process of creating discovery questions. I am confident we would have prevailed in this case because the facts were on our side, not Google's! You can see that by reading the evidence documents. Even the Wall Street Journal agrees on this one. Google is a dictator that is destroying other businesses, big and small.

I can only describe the decision made by the court in this case as  heartbreaking. Google has destroyed our business and walked off a very happy customer of the court. Justice was not only not served, it wasn't even allowed a voice.

Dr. S. Louis Martin,
Plaintiff in Case 539972, Martin v Google

Dr. S. Louis Martin
588 Sutter Street, No 105
San Francisco, CA 94102
Tel: 415-871-6803