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Fort Bragg, Mendocino County--

A man who was shot and killed by Fort Bragg police early Saturday morning after he rammed a patrol car was identified as 22-year-old David William King, a transient with past ties to the city of Fort Bragg.

King was spotted in a stolen truck by officer Michael Lamb at 1:30 AM Saturday. When Lamb tried to stop the vehicle, King reportedly rammed the patrol car and sped off. A cross-town chase ensued and the truck was stopped again. When King rammed the patrol car a second time, he was shot once in the head by Lamb, according to a Sheriff's report.

An investigation into the incident is being conducted by the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office. Officer Lamb has been placed on paid leave until the investigation is complete. Mendocino County District Attorney Susan Massini said it will be a couple of weeks before the investigation is complete and a report is filed with her office.

It is the first time in recent memory that a Fort Bragg police officer has used deadly force.

According to Fort Bragg Police Chief Thomas Bickell, King had no record with the Fort Bragg Police Department but was known to other law enforcement agencies. An autopsy is being performed. It is not yet known whether alcohol or drugs were involved.

Following the incident an acquaintance of King called the Fort Bragg Police Department and, according to Bickell, said that King would have killed Lamb if given the chance. The name has been turned over to the Sheriff's office for a formal statement.



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