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Covelo, Mendocino County--

The gun fire stopped on Wednesday in Covelo, and on Thursday two arrests were made. But the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office is not saying that the arrests and the shootings are related.

On Thursday at 7:10 AM Sheriff's deputies served a search warrant issued by Superior Court Judge James Luther at the residence of Pat and Edwina Lincoln in Covelo. The warrant allowed deputies to search for "items of evidence in connection with an ongoing investigation in Covelo," according the Sheriff's Office.

During the course of the search, Edwina Lincoln allegedly interfered with a deputy by trying to push him and was arrested. Also a male juvenile, whom deputies had sought in connection with an assault with a knife on a "family member," was present at the residence, and he was arrested too.

Though there may be no connection, on Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning shots were fired at the residence of Donna and Harold Britton. The Brittons and the Peters are old foes on the Round Valley Indian Reservation near Covelo. "Bear" Lincoln, who is charged with the murder of deputy Bob Davis back in April--following the murder of a Britton by a Peters--was aligned with the Peters' side of the feud.

Prior to the Tuesday and Wednesday shooting was a drive-by shooting of the Mark Kappl residence. Kappl's estranged wife and an acquaintance were arrested for that. And prior to the drive-by shooting was the shooting of Elvin Peters back in October.



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