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Hopland, Mendocino County--

A man, demanding that a woman not terminate their relationship, forced her to introduce him as her boyfriend at a bar in Hopland. Two days later she had him arrested.

The ordeal began at 5:00 PM on Sunday, when Thomas Cash, 45, of Ukiah went to the residence of Irene Frieheight, 38, of Hopland and pointed a .22 caliber automatic pistol at her chest. Cash demanded that Frieheight not terminate their relationship. Cash then forced Frieheight to accompany him to The Keg bar in Hopland and introduce him as her boyfriend.

Frieheight complied with the demand but refused to leave the bar with Cash until he turned over the automatic pistol and a single-shot .22 caliber Derringer to the bar tender. When Cash complied with her demand, the two left the bar together, and Cash returned with Frieheight to her residence. He left on Monday morning.

Frieheight contacted the Mendocino County Sheriffs Office on Tuesday morning at 9:00 AM to report the incident. Cash was arrested at his residence later in the day and was booked into Mendocino County Jail, where he is being held in lieu of $10,000 bail. He was charged with False Imprisonment, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and Making Terrorist Threats.


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