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Fall is fire weather in California, and Northern California is doing its best to maintain the state's dubious reputation. On Wednesday fires burned out of control there in two counties: Marin and Mendocino.

As of 11 PM on Wednesday, a fire that began off Highway 20 near Potter Valley had burned some 1500 acres. There was no estimate of when it would be under control, according Holly Kress, CDF information officer.

No structures had been lost by 11 PM, but the fire was moving south toward populated areas. Two strike teams, 6 fire crews, 15 engines, 5 air tankers, and 3 helicopters have battled the blaze.

Despite difficulties, fire fighters have had some good luck, said Kress. An older "prescribed" burn helped stop the advance of the fire at one point.

Another fire at Mt. Vision in Marin county has destroyed 20 structures and burned 700 acres. Eleven fire crews, 80 engines, and 2 helicopters have fought the blaze. As of Wednesday the Marin fire was 20% contained.

Yesterday in Northern California there were 23 fires that burned a total of 174 acres. Total acreage burned in the US yesterday was just 264 from 53 fires. To date this year there have been 2,614 fire in Northern California with 14,069 acres burned.

Dry winds from the east and low humidity make for dangerous fire conditions in the fall in California.


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