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Carlotta, Humbolt County--

A rally has been called by environmental groups, including the Sierra club, to protest logging of the Headwaters Forest, the last large grove of old-growth redwood trees in private ownership. Trees could fall as early as September 15th under an exemption logging plan.

As much as 10% of the forest could be removed beginning September 15th, which marks the end of the marbled murrlet's nesting season.

"We are very concerned," said Gary Ball of the Mendocino Environmental Center, "that this, being untouched old- growth redwood, deserves to be preserved as such. And we are very concerned about the damage that would be done to the old-growth ecosystem if this exemption logging proceeds."

Exemption logging does not require a timber harvest plan and review process. By filing an exemption, a company can log up to 10% of standing trees that are dead, diseased, or dying, as well as fallen trees.

Ball charged that filing of exemptions by lumber companies has "mushroomed" in the last few years.


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